Agosto 2018

Type: Tours arranged from Quito
Departs From: Quito
Meeting Point: Will be indicated on voucher
Duration: 11 days / 10 nights
Available: daily at upon request
Price: USD $5999

Day 1.- QUITO
Arrival and transfer to the Hotel

Day 2.- QUITO
Quito has an altitude of 2800 meters. Your first 24 hours there you MUST take it easy and just relax. Rest from the trip and do NO EXERCISE or physical activity. Tour activities will start today where a professional tour guide will give you a city tour of Quito.

We will pick up the bikes at the BMW dealership and start with a tour that will include the northern city of Cayambe, we will cross the Equator and visit Indian ruins and a museum. We will have lunch along the way. In the early afternoon we will then ride halfway down the western slope of the Andes to the town of MINDO, a tropical town in the middle of a rain forest, where we´ll find one of the biggest variety of birds worldwide. The day will see altitudes between 1500 meters (Mindo) to 3200 meters (Cayambe).

We will ride south from MINDO to the city of Santo Domingo and we will climb up to the Central Andes to a hotel near the town of Latacunga. Depending on weather, we have two options for roads and we will decide on the day which one to take. We will be visiting a nature reserve near the highest active Volcano in the world, depending on time and also the route. We will stay at a colonial era hotel. Altitudes will vary between 700 meters (Santo Domingo) and 4600 meters (Andean passes)

Day 5.- CUENCA
We will spend the day in Ecuador’s Central highlands going by the cities of Latacunga, Ambato, Riobamba, trending in a southerly direction. We may climb one or two high Andean passes. We will spend the night at a hotel near the ancient ruins of Ingapirca. Apart from the possible climbs, altitude will not vary much from 3000 meters.

Day 6.- BAÑOS
The day will start with a tour of the largest Inca ruins in Ecuador and then we will head north and finish at a hotel in the city of Baños, which is halfway down the eastern slope of the Andes, towards the Amazon River basin. We will visit the town and its famous church. Thomas and I stayed at this hotel last year and it has great views as well as nice swimming pools! Altitudes today will vary between 3500meters (Ingapirca) and 1700 meters (Baños). Again, depending on weather, we may climb to get a view of Tungurahua, an active volcano nearby.

We will drop down to the Amazon river basin and generally head Northeast towards the city of Tena. This day will see us arriving at a small port on the River Napo, a tributary to the Amazon. We will board boats that will take us to our hotel. The idea here is to enjoy a bit of Amazonia. We will hire a boat and explore this wild river environment and see the jungle fauna. Altitudes here will vary between 1700 meters (Baños) and 400 meters (Tena).

We will continue north and then west, climbing up the western slope of the Andes again to the town of Papallacta. A great hotel awaits the end of this long ride that has hot spas right outside our rooms. The highlight of the day may be the ride itself or the hotel at the end of the day.

We will drop from Papallacta down to the valley of Pifo, I hope we can visit a dairy farm on our way back to Ecuador northern provinces. We will explore a couple of lakes and in fact we will spend the night at Lake San Pablo, near the town of Otavalo.

the last day will require those who want to see something very unique, to get up VERY EARLY, to visit the Otavalo Market. Indigenous people from all around start their market at 0400!! The earlier you visit the market, the more authentic it is. Later in the morning the tourists and non-indigenous peoples arrive. Depending on how early you are willing to get up, we will go to the market and return for the hotel for breakfast. After that we will visit another couple of high Andes lakes, perhaps the race track in the town of Ibarra and then return to Quito to return the motorcycles
Day 11.- Transfer to the airport.

– Transfers Airport/hotel/airport
– Quito City tour
– BMW motorcycles model F800GS, year 2018
– 5* Hotel accommodations , breakfast and dinners includes
– breakfast, Lunch and dinner in the Jungle hotel
– Canoe transportation to the Jungle Hotel
– Professional international experienced motorcycle guide
– Tips and gratuities
– Personal Expenses
– Optional Activities